Three new instruments are being implemented to take advantage of the excellent capabilities provided  by the LBT’s Adaptive Secondary Mirrors and recently upgraded Adaptive Optics systems, optimized for exoplanet studies and science requiring similar measurements.  Delivery and commissioning are occurring during 2022-2024.  
The System for coronography with High order Adaptive optics from R to K band (SHARK) is implemented with two channels providing high-contrast, high-resolution imaging capability in near-infrared (SX side) and visible (DX side) bandpasses, with NIR spectroscopic capability also available.
The infrared Large Binocular Telescope exoplanet reconnaissance (iLocater) spectrograph utilizes a single-mode fiber with high resolution (R=150,000 – 240,000) at near-infrared wavelengths, enabling extremely high precision radial velocity measurements.
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