Thanks to the good work of MGIO and LBTO staff, LUCI-2 is on the mountain.
The boxes are stored in the high bay area, some close to the clean room and others in front of where the aluminizing bell jar usually stands. The bell jar has been moved close to the enclosure pier as we will need to crane it up to the telescope floor for re-aluminizing  the SX (left) primary mirror on the week of July 22.
The LUCI team will start unpacking and reassembling the instrument in the clean room this weekend.
Looking at the high bay from the top of the enclosure pier. Part of the bell jar (orange structure) can be seen on the left. Some of the LUCI-2 boxes are on the floor in front of the lab (white wall). The rest is in the back (see close-up below) where the bell jar carriage usually sits.