Diffraction limited imaging with LUCI1 is offered in a shared-risk mode. Presently, the
instrument is available for reference stars in the magnitude range 3.5 to 9.8 with
degraded performance, and at design performance for fainter reference stars
(down to ~16).  
It is expected that full AO performance with LUCI1, and diffraction limited imaging and spectroscopy with LUCI2, will become available in the course of 2017A. 
Observers new to AO are encouraged to consult the following references:

– Natural
guide star adaptive optics systems at LBT: FLAO commissioning and science
operations status
, Esposito, et al., SPIE (2012)
– Field Guide to Adaptive Optics,
Tyson & Frazier, SPIE Press (2012)

– Adaptive Optics and its Applications, C. Max, (click here)

A Notice to Users is available here.