LUCI2 spent its first days on the telescope close to LUCI1 for a week of tests.
After its arrival on the mountain in mid-July, LUCI2 was reassembled and went through a long series of tests over the summer to confirm that it was still functioning well after its long journey from Heidelberg (Germany).
For its first week on the telescope (Sep 22-29), LUCI2 was kept warm. The cable wrap was fully equipped with all lines/pipes. All connections to LUCI2 have been established and all instrument/detector functions were tested at the telescope.  The two MOS Auxiliary Cryostats were aligned to the LUCI2 cryostat. Mask cabinets were successfully transferred between both auxiliary cryostats and LUCI-2 in the warm.
Both LUCIs on the telescope
In case you wonder where the LUCIs are…
LUCI2 is currently back in the lab. It has been cooled down and will go through a few additional tests before going back on the telescope on October 20 for more day-time tests, with the instrument cold this time. Its first on-sky commissioning run is scheduled to start on November 9.