More than seventy scientists gathered in Florence for the second LBTO Users’ Meeting, held at the Convitto della Calza June 20-23, 2017. All LBTO partners were represented, from Arizona to the local Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri
With the LBT facility instruments commissioned in pairs, LBTI routinely used by all partners in incoherent or coherent mode, LINC-NIRVANA en route for Lean-MCAO observing, and the ultra-high resolution of the PEPSI spectrograph available, the meeting focused on enabling LBT to realize its full potential in the best possible way as both a pair of 8.4m telescope and, thanks to its interferometric capabilities, a forerunner of the ELTs. 
The final program (44 oral presentations and 20 posters) boasted a healthy dose of scientific presentations, from our Solar System to the high-redshift universe, with a good complement of user-oriented talks on instruments (in operation or in development), observatory environment, data processing pipelines and observing tools. The program also featured a workshop on recently developed observation preparation tools.
For the attendees, the meeting was an opportunity to share their scientific results, projects, and aspirations for the future of the observatory, to discuss new observing modes and new services with the observatory staff, and to prepare the use of the new instruments to come at the 2018-2019 horizon, which will all use the unique performance of LBT’s upgraded AO.
Most of the presentations (slides) and posters are available online on the meeting web site, where you will also find a photo gallery.
Credit: LBTO/B. Rothberg